2014 – present

educative and playful material
web-plateform, games, toys & workshops
creation & direction

* Aim: enjoy architecture *

Architecture is everywhere, though sometimes invisible in everyday life. In light of this paradox, Archihihi aims to reclaim contemporary architecture in a creative and playful way.

* Method: play! *

Archihihi uses a particular toolbox: play, experimentation, manipulation and everyday situations, allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to discover this discipline.
Instead of intimidating or off-putting explanations, Archihihi brings pleasure and fun to the learning process. Play gives a familiar, fascinating and surprising taste to Archihihi’s activities. Through manipulation, children understand and take ownership of architectural concepts in a personal way.

* Tools & resources *

Archihihi organises workshops, writes, and develops games and objects.

Archihihi’s second mission is to offer visitors to its website a variety resources: activity-sheets, games, books, news and ideas :

* free downloads of worksheets designed by Archihihi
These form a flexible base since they can be used at home or at school, on a small or large scale.

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* news about architecture


* a selection of toys put into perspective with existing contemporary architecturecubeseames_HSH_web

* a selection of books which approach architecture in a playful way


* a curated selection of exhibitions and workshops related to architectural topics MAV_DidierCornille-web