cooperative housing project

architecture workshops & programming
consulting architect for the association Habiter c’est choisir
part of the experimental program Logement Design Pour Tous
collaboration with Aurore Wasner and Joséphine Dezeuze, programmer



* mission *
> To help a group of future residents with their project formulation
> To write a programme that would include, in addition to the usual factual data, personalised content that took into account materials, colours, atmosphere, light, way of life, volume and shape of rooms, etc…
> To provide appropriate tools to help the residents to gain autonomy and self-confidence with the design of their project
> To transmit the contents of this programme to the future architects
* Step 1: architecture workshops *
> We developed and conducted six architecture workshops with future residents
> Play activities were used to allow the residents to throw off and escape any preconceived ideas they might have about building, and to free imagination and creativity
> We questioned several notions, including qualities of limits of space and use, sharing, temporality, fantasies, and day to day life

> Workshops 1-4: cadavres-exquis, playing cards representing spatial typologies and individual and collective models

pucaH29_cadavre-exquis-02_webeqpucaH29_cadavre-exquis-01_webeqpucaH29_cartes_webeqpucaH29_maquettes-01_webeq pucaH29_maquettes-02_webeq

> Workshops 5 & 6: games in situ

pucaH29_implantation-03_webeq pucaH29_implantation-02_webeq pucaH29_modelisation-05_webeq pucaH29_modelisation-03_webeq pucaH29_modelisation-02_webeq pucaH29_modelisation-01_webeq

* Step 2: harvesting, programming and transmission *
> Throughout the course of our work, we accumulated a significant amount of data which enriched the content and the form of the final programme. Even the residents were surprised by the creations emerging from the workshop, and the pleasure provided through the collective games produced a strong bond between members of this group.
> We created a special form for each resident capable of relaying their specific architectural needs to the programme manager and then to the future local architects