semi-collective social housing

pucaH29_modules-02_webeq2012 – 2013
architecture workshops & conception management
[Brittany – Saint Pol de Leon]
consulting architect for the social housing developer “Habitat 29”
part of the experimental program “Logement Design Pour Tous”
collaboration with Aurore Wasner and Elodie Bara, sociologist
* mission *

> to advise the social housing developer “Habitat 29” on the development of semi-collective social housing in an area in which individual houses are the standard form of accommodation.

> to apply our findings to a real project in the city of Saint Pol de Leon.


pucaH29_VRP_webeqthe ‘sale reps’ and their briefcase

* STAGE 1 : ‘sale reps workshops’ *

> conception and management of architecture workshops for a group of residents of Habitat 29 social housing.

> Play activities were used to throw off and escape architectural prejudices, and to free the imagination as well as creativity.

> The end result of the workshops was a list of positive and negative characteristics of the individual and collective housing.

> We used these characteristics in order to define an alternative architectural concept.

pucaH29_modules-04_webeqpucaH29_modules-01_webeqpucaH29_cartes_webeqtools of the ‘sale reps workshops’: models and precise framing of architectural references

* STAGE 2 : requirements & specifications *

> We wrote the new requirements & specifications for the conception of semi-collective housing. This document was intended for the architects who went on to design projects for “Habitat 29”.

> The form and content were both graphic and written. The document included conceptual definitions and alternative references.

pucaH29_prescriptions-02_webeq pucaH29_prescriptions-03_webeq

* STAGE 3 : ‘VIP workshops’ *

> Conception and management of architecture workshops with the social partners concerned with the project in Saint Pol de Leon. The aim of this phase was to question the way in which architectural projects are usually planned and carried out.

> The ‘play’ approach was also used in order to get the professionals out of their habitual way of working and to help them escape their preconceived ideas when it came to social housing.

pucaH29_VIP-ligne_webeqpucaH29_VRP-02_webeq pucaH29_VRP-01_webeq‘VIP workshops’, hands on models and collective games


* STAGE 4 : accompanying the architect *

> We lead the project manager on the project in Saint Pol de Leon, from sketch to the final planning consent.