Living together

interactive installation & workshops for the Young V&A in London

Included in the “Imagine” gallery of the Young V&A, “Young Perspectives on Community” is an installation relaying the experience of inhabiting the urban environment by children from Bangabandhu Primary School in Tower Hamlets.

During a series of 5 workshops, the ideas and voices of the children have been nourished, held and gathered, around the question of “how the built environment shapes communities”. They have explored and shared experiences, events, memories, sensations, history and heritage, discussions, habits, shared moments, disabilities, dreams and desires, ideas and fantasies.

This exhibit intends to immerse visitors in the children’s point of view and proposes a physical and sensorial materialisation of intangible data expressing the invisible, i.e. children’s voices.
It represents a selection of buildings and places, through a new mapping of reality: the children’s one. One can listen to their voices and look “through their eyes” by means of optical filters which reveal significant quotes, ideas, patterns, and photos taken by them.
This reveals specific places and themes, such as civism, time and freedom.

The voices of the children have been recorded by Dan Mayfield – School of Noise.